Today is Grand Duchess Tatiana’s 115th birthday! 

Above: Grand Duchess Olga with her new baby sister Tatiana: 1897

Nicholas II, Alexandra Feodorovna, Grand Duchesses Olga and Tatiana: 1897

Nicholas’ Diary -29 May O.S./10 June N.S.

"The second bright happy day in our family life: at 10:40 in the morning the Lord blessed us with a daughter- Tatiana. Poor Alix suffered all night without shutting her eyes for a moment, and at 8 o’clock went downstairs to Amama’s bedroom. Thank God this time it all went quickly and safely, and I did not feel nervously exhausted. Towards one o’clock the little one was bathed and Yanyshev read some prayers. Mama arrived with Xenia; we lunched together. At four o’clock there was a Te Deum. Tatiana weighs 8 3/4 pounds and is 54 centimetres long. Our eldest is very funny with her. Read and wrote telegrams." 

Tatiana was the smallest of Nicholas and Alix’s children. The rest of their babies were around 10 pounds. Olga was so large she had to be pulled out with forceps. (Women who are hemophilia carriers often have large babies)

Source: A Lifelong Passion by Andrei Maylunas and Sergei Mironenko