I don’t usually post things about my personal beliefs, but I think its really important that people know about this. This young man is an honor student who has been a Boy Scout for 12 years and did all the work to get his Eagle Scout award, but the Boy Scouts refused to give it to him because he is openly gay. He deserves to get the award that he worked for no matter what his sexual orientation is. The Boy Scouts have an opportunity to promote acceptance of those who are different but instead they are advocating bigotry. My younger brother came out as gay when he was about thirteen and was the target of a lot of ridicule by other students and even teachers at his school. Because he was treated so poorly, he ended up getting into trouble with drugs and hanging around the wrong crowd. He is now on the road to recovery, but if he had been able to turn to an organization that accepted him for who he was, things may have turned out differently. It is never ok to persecute anyone for being different, especially when it is beyond their control. In my brother’s case, and in this one, authority figures are taking advantage of their position of power to victimize a kid. I can say with certainty that no child of mine will ever be involved in the Boy Scouts unless they drastically change their tune. 

If you click on the link there is a petition that you can sign in protest of the BSA’s decision. 

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