Did you know?

Out of eighteen Romanov sovereigns, five were assassinated.

Peter III in 1762

Ivan VI (who ruled as a baby for less than a year before Empress Elizabeth)in 1764

Paul I in 1801

Alexander II in 1881

Nicholas II in 1918

The first three were most likely killed with the clandestine approval of their own family. 


Peter was notorious for his love of Prussia, not Poland. He was an ardent admirer of Frederick the Great. 

According to most historians, most notably Robert K. Massie in his latest book on Catherine II, Catherine did not directly order her husband’s murder. It seems that she was pleased that she would no longer have to deal with him, but that the Orlovs took it upon themselves to carry out the deed on her behalf. After her death, when her son Paul went through her papers, he was satisfied that his mother had not had prior knowledge of the murder of his (maybe) father. As Paul I was notoriously suspicious of everyone, his mother in particular, this suggests that Catherine was presented with a fait accomplit after the murder of Peter III and was not in fact the architect of the plot.