1. Bolyus, Stephania, and Lenka; the children photographed with Olga, Tatiana, and Anastasia at Mogilev in 1916. ( Their names were recorded by Tatiana in her photo album.) What a shame Maria missed out on all the fun that day! 

2. Stephania is the little girl on Olga’s lap and Lenka is next to Anastasia. 

3. Bolyus is with Anastasia here, and is the same boy who she hauled out of the pit in an earlier photograph. 

Edit: I suspect that Maria volunteered to stay with her mother on the train that day, as the girls usually took turns keeping Alix company. I very much doubt she was the photographer on this day as I don’t think she could have resisted joining in on the fun with the children! 

I think it is very sweet that the girls thought it was important to remember what the children’s names were. If Tatiana hadn’t meticulously recorded their names in her album, they probably would have just been lost to history. 

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    Aww I never knew we know their names! So cute :) And where was Maria that day?
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