Princess Vera Constantinova, daughter of Grand Duke Constantine Constantinovich (K.R.) was born in 1906 at Pavlovsk Palace near Tsarskoe Selo. As their palace was close to that of Nicholas II and his family, they would often see one another in the park. 

Princess Vera especially revered the Tsarevich, who was only two years her senior, and the two sometimes played together. Once, in the summer of 1912 (prior to the Spala disaster),  Alexei and Vera were out driving the park at the same time. They stopped the carriages and the tsarevich invited his cousin to join him in his carriage, leaving their nurses behind. 

They drove through the park until they reached a large mud puddle and disembarked. “Jump in,” suggested Alexei mischievously. Vera obeyed, and on their return her nurse was horrified to see her white dress, hat, and muff covered in mud. 

Princess Vera survived the Revolution and lived until 2001. 

Above: Princess Vera: 1908, Princess Vera with her dolls c. 1912, the Constantinovichi: 1911

Source: Pavlovsk: The Life of a Russian Palace by Suzanne Massie